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Rollup glossary

A wiki of terms to define different Rollup designs and terminology:



Aggregation is the process of batching transactions into one batch. A batch of transactions consists of one or more transactions.

Based rollup

A based rollup is a rollup that delegates aggregation to a DA-Layer.


Execution is the process by which the transactions in the blockchain are processed and their effects are applied to the state of the blockchain.

Header production

Header production is the process of creating the Rollup header backed by specific security properties.


Inclusion is the process by which a transaction is accepted into the blockchain.


Ordering is the process of arranging transactions in a specific sequence in the blockchain.

Pessimistic rollup

A pessimistic rollup is a rollup that only supports full nodes that replay all the transactions in the rollup to check its validity.

Rollup Block

A rollup block is a data structure representing the Blockchain at a certain height. It consists of Rollup Data and Rollup Headers.

Rollup Data

Rollup data is either a batch of transactions or the state difference between transaction batches.

Rollup Header

is metadata about the block which at minimum includes a commitment to the transactions in that block.


Rollups are blockchains that post their Transaction Data to another blockchain and inherit its consensus and data availability.


Sequencing is the process of aggregation and header production.

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