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How to change speed of block production

If you have gone through both the GM world and the Full and sequencer node rollup setup already, you're now ready to experiment with faster block times.

In your gmd start [args...] command, you will need to add a flag and then the argument for block time.

The flag is:

--rollkit.block_time 1s

Where 1s can be adjusted to the speed of your choosing.

Here is an example:

# start the chain
gmd start [existing flags...] 
gmd start [existing flags...] --rollkit.block_time 1s 

In the above example, we've changed it to one second blocks. Alternatively, you could slow your rollup down to 30 seconds:

--rollkit.block_time 30s

Or speed it up even more, to sub-second block times (100 milliseconds):

--rollkit.block_time 0.1ms

Released under the APACHE-2.0 License