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πŸ—žοΈ CosmWasm rollup ​

CosmWasm is a smart contracting platform built for the Cosmos ecosystem by making use of WebAssembly (Wasm) to build smart contracts for Cosmos-SDK. In this tutorial, we will be exploring how to integrate CosmWasm with local DA layer using Rollkit.


This tutorial explores Rollkit, currently in Alpha. If you encounter bugs, please report them via a GitHub issue ticket or reach out in our Telegram group.

The smart contract we will use for this tutorial is one provided by the CosmWasm team for Nameservice purchasing.

You can check out the contract here.

How to write the Rust smart contract for Nameservice is outside the scope of this tutorial.

πŸ’» CosmWasm dependency ​

As with the GM Rollup, we use kurtosis to help with managing all the services we need to run. You can install kurtosis here.

Once installed, you can verify the installation by running:

kurtosis version
CLI Version:   0.90.1

To see the engine version (provided it is running): kurtosis engine status

πŸš€ Starting your rollup ​

Now that we have kurtosis installed, we can launch our CosmWasm rollup along with the local DA by running the following command:

kurtosis run[email protected]

You should see an output like this:

INFO[2024-07-02T11:15:43-04:00] Creating a new enclave for Starlark to run inside...
INFO[2024-07-11T11:53:13-04:00] Enclave 'forgotten-fen' created successfully 

Container images used in this run:
> - remotely downloaded
> - remotely downloaded

Adding service with name 'local-da' and image ''
Service 'local-da' added with service UUID '96d04bc472c9455d88d046128fbdefa6'

Printing a message
connecting to da layer via

Printing a message
Adding CosmWasm service

Adding service with name 'wasm' and image ''
Service 'wasm' added with service UUID 'c71b0308616d40ad919ad24c3d14f35b'

Printing a message
CosmWasm service is available at

Starlark code successfully run. No output was returned.

⭐ us on GitHub -
INFO[2024-07-11T11:53:27-04:00] ====================================================== 
INFO[2024-07-11T11:53:27-04:00] ||          Created enclave: forgotten-fen          || 
INFO[2024-07-11T11:53:27-04:00] ====================================================== 
Name:            forgotten-fen
UUID:            8cd936e91ada
Status:          RUNNING
Creation Time:   Thu, 11 Jul 2024 11:53:00 EDT

========================================= Files Artifacts =========================================
UUID   Name

========================================== User Services ==========================================
UUID           Name       Ports                                            Status
96d04bc472c9   local-da   jsonrpc: 7980/tcp ->       RUNNING
c71b0308616d   wasm       grpc-addr: 9290/tcp ->     RUNNING
                          p2p-laddr: 36656/tcp ->   
                          rpc-laddr: 36657/tcp ->

Kurtosis has successfully launched the CosmWasm rollup and the local DA network. You can see the services running in docker as well:

docker ps
CONTAINER ID   IMAGE                              COMMAND                  CREATED              STATUS              PORTS                                                                              NAMES
5bfeda0a871f    "/bin/sh -c 'wasmd s…"   About a minute ago   Up About a minute>9290/tcp,>36656-36657/tcp                       wasm--c71b0308616d40ad919ad24c3d14f35b
782dec73fcf8    "local-da -listen-all"   About a minute ago   Up About a minute>7980/tcp                                                             local-da--96d04bc472c9455d88d046128fbdefa6
62da89015918   kurtosistech/core:0.90.1           "/bin/sh -c ./api-co…"   About a minute ago   Up About a minute>7443/tcp                                                            kurtosis-api--8cd936e91ada45beab50f0d19be8c57f
1eb6366a5e16   fluent/fluent-bit:1.9.7            "/fluent-bit/bin/flu…"   About a minute ago   Up About a minute   2020/tcp                                                                           kurtosis-logs-collector--8cd936e91ada45beab50f0d19be8c57f
8bfee95b49ee   kurtosistech/engine:0.90.1         "/bin/sh -c ./kurtos…"   39 minutes ago       Up 39 minutes>8081/tcp,>9710-9711/tcp,>9779/tcp   kurtosis-engine--cee974a1c2b141478c9eb2a9b1e4f87f
d532fc82579f   traefik:2.10.6                     "/bin/sh -c 'mkdir -…"   39 minutes ago       Up 39 minutes       80/tcp,>9730-9731/tcp                                           kurtosis-reverse-proxy--cee974a1c2b141478c9eb2a9b1e4f87f
7700c0b72195   timberio/vector:0.31.0-debian      "/bin/sh -c 'printf …"   39 minutes ago       Up 39 minutes                                                                                          kurtosis-logs-aggregator

We can see the CosmWasm rollup running in container wasm--c71b0308616d40ad919ad24c3d14f35b and the local DA network running in container local-da--96d04bc472c9455d88d046128fbdefa6.

Let's hold on to the container name for the CosmWasm rollup, as we will need it later.

CW=$(docker ps --format '{{.Names}}' | grep wasm)
echo $CW

You can verify the rollup is running by checking the logs:

docker logs $CW
3:55PM INF Creating and publishing block height=137 module=BlockManager
3:55PM INF finalized block block_app_hash=E71622A57B08D28613A34E3D7AD36BF294CF5A88F4CDD5DD18E6FB65C76F7209 height=137 module=BlockManager num_txs_res=0 num_val_updates=0
3:55PM INF executed block app_hash=E71622A57B08D28613A34E3D7AD36BF294CF5A88F4CDD5DD18E6FB65C76F7209 height=137 module=BlockManager
3:55PM INF indexed block events height=137 module=txindex
3:55PM INF Creating and publishing block height=138 module=BlockManager
3:55PM INF finalized block block_app_hash=E09F4A71E216D85F4CCB9FCBCEE53D82BCA597451C1D4B4FCE0E4081B5FA40E3 height=138 module=BlockManager num_txs_res=0 num_val_updates=0
3:55PM INF executed block app_hash=E09F4A71E216D85F4CCB9FCBCEE53D82BCA597451C1D4B4FCE0E4081B5FA40E3 height=138 module=BlockManager

Good work so far, we have a Rollup node, DA network node, now we can move onto the contract deployment.

πŸ“’ Contract deployment on CosmWasm with Rollkit ​

πŸ€– Compile the smart contract ​

To compile the smart contract, you can use our docker image.

First download the image:

docker pull

Then run the container:

docker run --rm -d --name cw

The container is now running and has the pre-built nameservice contract for us. Let's copy it out of the container.

docker cp cw:/root/cw-contracts/contracts/nameservice .

We now have the nameservice contract in the nameservice directory.

🏎️ Optimized smart contract ​

Because we are deploying the compiled smart contract to wasmd, we want it to be as small as possible.

The CosmWasm team provides a tool called rust-optimizer, which requires Docker in order to compile.

Run the following command in the ~/nameservice directory you just copied:

sudo docker run --rm -v "$(pwd)":/code \
  --mount type=volume,source="$(basename "$(pwd)")_cache",target=/code/target \
  --mount type=volume,source=registry_cache,target=/usr/local/cargo/registry \

This will place the optimized Wasm bytecode at artifacts/cw_nameservice.wasm.

πŸš€ Contract deployment ​

Let's now deploy our smart contract!

We will need to do this in the docker container that the CosmWasm rollup is running. So first let's move the compiled contract to the container:

docker cp artifacts/cw_nameservice.wasm $CW:/root/cw_nameservice.wasm

Now let's jump into the container:

docker exec -it $CW sh

In order to deploy a contract, you can use the command line as described below. For a better experience and to use Rust code instead of the command line to deploy/script and test your contracts, you can use cw-orchestrator.

TX_HASH=$(wasmd tx wasm store cw_nameservice.wasm --from localwasm-key --keyring-backend test --chain-id localwasm --gas-prices 0.025uwasm --gas auto --gas-adjustment 1.3 --node --output json -y | jq -r '.txhash') && echo $TX_HASH

This will get you the transaction hash for the smart contract deployment.


If you run into errors with variables on the previous command, or commands in the remainder of the tutorial, cross-reference the variables in the command with the variables in the script.

🌟 Contract interaction on CosmWasm ​

In the previous steps, we have stored out contract's tx hash in an environment variable for later use.

The following guide will show you how to deploy and interact with a contract using CLI. For scripting using Rust, you can use cw-orchestrator.

πŸ”Ž Contract querying ​

Now, let's query our transaction hash for its code ID:

CODE_ID=$(wasmd query tx --type=hash $TX_HASH --node --output json | jq -r '.events[-1].attributes[1].value')
echo $CODE_ID

This will give us back the Code ID of the deployed contract.

In our case, since it's the first contract deployed on our local network, the value is 1.

Now, we can take a look at the contracts instantiated by this Code ID:

wasmd query wasm list-contract-by-code $CODE_ID --node --output json

We get the following output:


πŸ“ƒ Contract instantiation ​

We start instantiating the contract by writing up the following INIT message for nameservice contract. Here, we are specifying that purchase_price of a name is 100uwasm and transfer_price is 999uwasm.

wasmd tx wasm instantiate $CODE_ID "$INIT" --from localwasm-key --keyring-backend test --label "name service" --chain-id localwasm --gas-prices 0.025uwasm --gas auto --gas-adjustment 1.3 -y --no-admin --node

πŸ“„ Contract interaction ​

Now that we instantiated it, we can interact further with the contract:

wasmd query wasm list-contract-by-code $CODE_ID --output json --node
CONTRACT=$(wasmd query wasm list-contract-by-code $CODE_ID --output json --node | jq -r '.contracts[-1]')

wasmd query wasm contract --node $CONTRACT
wasmd query bank balances --node $CONTRACT

This allows us to see the contract address, contract details, and bank balances.

Your output will look similar to below:

address: wasm14hj2tavq8fpesdwxxcu44rty3hh90vhujrvcmstl4zr3txmfvw9s0phg4d
  admin: ""
  code_id: "1"
  created: null
  creator: wasm1y9ceqvnsnm9xtcdmhrjvv4rslgwfzmrzky2c5z
  extension: null
  ibc_port_id: ""
  label: name service
balances: []
  next_key: null
  total: "0"

Now, let's register a name to the contract for our wallet address:

wasmd tx wasm execute $CONTRACT "$REGISTER" --amount 100uwasm --from localwasm-key --chain-id localwasm --gas-prices 0.025uwasm --gas auto --gas-adjustment 1.3 --node --keyring-backend test -y

Your output will look similar to below:

gas estimate: 167533
code: 0
codespace: ""
data: ""
events: []
gas_used: "0"
gas_wanted: "0"
height: "0"
info: ""
logs: []
raw_log: '[]'
timestamp: ""
tx: null
txhash: C147257485B72E7FFA5FDB943C94CE951A37817554339586FFD645AD2AA397C3

If you try to register the same name again, you'll see an expected error:

Error: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = rpc error: code = Unknown desc = failed to execute message; message index: 0: Name has been taken (name fred): execute wasm contract failed [CosmWasm/wasmd/x/wasm/keeper/keeper.go:364] With gas wanted: '0' and gas used: '123809' : unknown request

Next, query the owner of the name record:

NAME_QUERY='{"resolve_record": {"name": "fred"}}'
wasmd query wasm contract-state smart $CONTRACT "$NAME_QUERY" --node --output json

You'll see the owner's address in a JSON response:


With that, we have instantiated and interacted with the CosmWasm nameservice smart contract on our local DA network using Rollkit!

Released under the APACHE-2.0 License