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How to configure gas price

In most cases, the gas price can be left to the defaults, which ensures that the price is greater than the minimum gas price accepted by the core node.

The gas price can also be configured manually with the flag --rollkit.da_gas_price:

gmd start --rollkit.da_gas_price=0.1 [existing flags...]

This configures the rollup to always use the fixed gas price of 0.1utia/gas.

When running a rollup against a live network, the gas price may see occasional spikes during periods of high mempool congestion.

To avoid such transient blob submission failures, the flag --rollkit.da_gas_multiplier may be used:

gmd start --rollkit.da_gas_price=0.1 --rollkit.da_gas_multiplier=1.2 [...]

This configures the rollup to keep increasing the gas price by a factor of 1.2x of the previous price until the transaction is accepted by the core node.

When the blob submission transaction eventually succeeds, the gas price will gradually return to the default, decreasing by the same factor.

The gas multiplier will only be used if the gas price has been manually configured.

Released under the APACHE-2.0 License