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How to Use Rollkit CLI

This guide will walk you through the basics of installing and using Rollkit CLI. You'll learn how to install the CLI, initialize a configuration file (rollkit.toml), and run rollup commands.

1. Installing Rollkit CLI

To install Rollkit CLI, execute the following command:

curl -sSL | sh -s v0.13.6

This command downloads and installs the Rollkit CLI of specified version.

2. Initializing rollkit.toml

The rollkit.toml file is a configuration file that Rollkit uses to understand the structure and entry point of your rollup. To initialize this file, follow these steps:

Steps to Generate rollkit.toml:

  1. Run the following command to generate the rollkit.toml file:

    rollkit toml init
  2. You should see an output similar to this (example taken from GM world tutorial):

    Found rollup entrypoint: /root/gm/cmd/gmd/main.go, adding to rollkit.toml
    Could not find rollup config under gm. Please put the chain.config_dir in the rollkit.toml file manually.
    Initialized rollkit.toml file in the current directory.
  3. The output indicates that the rollup entrypoint is ~/gm/cmd/gmd/main.go.

  4. Open the rollkit.toml file, and under the [chain] section, set config_dir to the appropriate directory where your chain configuration is. For GM World tutorial, rollkit.toml file looks like this:

    entrypoint = "./cmd/gmd/main.go"
      config_dir = "./.gm"

    Adjust entrypoint and config_dir according to your project structure.

3. Running Rollup Commands Using Rollkit CLI

Once you have the rollkit.toml file set up, you can run any rollup command using the Rollkit CLI. Ensure you are in the directory containing the rollkit.toml file when executing commands.


  1. Navigate to the directory containing the rollkit.toml file.

  2. Now you could do:

    # instead of <rollup>d start
    rollkit start 
    # instead of <rollup>d tx
    rollkit tx
    # for any <rollup>d <command>
    rollkit <command>


By following these steps, you can install the Rollkit CLI, initialize the rollkit.toml configuration file, and run rollup commands. This setup helps you manage and interact with your rollup project efficiently.

Released under the APACHE-2.0 License