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Quick start guide

Welcome to Rollkit, a sovereign rollup framework! The easiest way to launch your sovereign rollup node is by using the Rollkit CLI.

📦 Install Rollkit (CLI)

To install Rollkit, run the following command in your terminal:

curl -sSL | sh -s v0.13.6

Verify the installation by checking the Rollkit version:

rollkit version

A successful installation will display the version number and its associated git commit hash.

🚀 Run your sovereign rollup node

To start a basic sovereign rollup node, execute:

rollkit start

Upon execution, the CLI will output log entries that provide insights into the node's initialization and operation:

I[2024-05-01|09:58:46.001] Found private validator                      module=main keyFile=/root/.rollkit/config/priv_validator_key.json stateFile=/root/.rollkit/data/priv_validator_state.json
I[2024-05-01|09:58:46.002] Found node key                               module=main path=/root/.rollkit/config/node_key.json
I[2024-05-01|09:58:46.002] Found genesis file                           module=main path=/root/.rollkit/config/genesis.json
I[2024-05-01|09:58:46.080] Started node                                 module=main
I[2024-05-01|09:58:46.081] Creating and publishing block                module=BlockManager height=223
I[2024-05-01|09:58:46.082] Finalized block                              module=BlockManager height=223 num_txs_res=0 num_val_updates=0 block_app_hash=

🎉 Conclusion

That's it! Your sovereign rollup node is now up and running. It's incredibly simple to start a blockchain (which is essentially what a rollup is) these days using Rollkit. Explore further and discover how you can build useful applications on Rollkit. Good luck!

Released under the APACHE-2.0 License